Spotted in NYC: Uma Thurman in a Salwar Kameez!!!

Zina Tasreen , 02 Feb 2012
Uma Thurman in salwar kameez!

That’s right! Who’d have thunk it that Uma Thurman would be seen prancing around NYC in gorgeous desi garb? But the reason…?

Absolutely loving everything about Debra Messing here

Errr… She and Debra Messing were actually filming scenes of the highly anticipated TV series titled Smash.

It is behind-the-scenes look at a team preparing to put on a Broadway musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe ‒ so I suppose it’s a musical series in the vein of Glee. Looks promising, no? I’m looking forward to it…

Smash poster

It’s due to hit the TV screens in the US on 6th of February (actually, NBC has already put up the pilot episode online) and the rest of the world soon.

Love, love Uma Thurman's salwar kameez, too!

Debra Messing has a starring role in the series, and Uma Thurman is listed for one episode so far; episode 5 specifically, and as these pictures suggest it’ll have an Indian theme, so a must-watch then. Looks like the world can’t have enough of Marilyn Monroe!

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