Victoria, Victoria Beckham HAS Arrived!

Zina Tasreen , 02 Feb 2012
Victoria, Victoria Beckham on slebs (from left to right): VB herself, Danielle Linekar, Celine Buckens, Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Katy Perry

Remember me burbling about Victoria Beckham’s *relatively* cheap line, “Victoria, Victoria Beckham”, some time back? Yes, yes, yes, it’s now in stores (Harvey Nichols in London and Birmingham, errr,  for now) – and is every bit as brilliant as expected and then some (proof: it nearly sold out in just *one* day). BUT, what impressed me the most is the fashion video VB came up for it. It’s fun, clever, quirky and cat-tastic! Then there’s the little matter of the video going crazily viral since its release a mere four days back. I’ve already hit replay a gazillion times; you probably will, too. Click through to watch it.

Directed by the 27-year old super-talented illustrator and film-maker Quentin Jones (it’s a she, btw), the video is being beamed at the windows of Harvey Nichols store in London. “This collaboration is really exciting for me,” VB said in a release. “For the Victoria line I wanted to appeal to a slightly younger audience – super chic but with a sense of humour and an edge and that’s exactly what Quentin brought to the creative process.  I really wanted to capture the essence of the playful feminine character at the heart of the collection and Quentin has realised that for me in her unique, innovative style.”

Passers-by found marvelling at the installations, conceptualised by VB and Quentin Jones, in the windows of Harvey Nichols, London
The bril fashion video being beamed at the windows of Harvey Nichols in London – and people stopping by to watch, obv!
Victoria, Victoria Beckham on display at the first floor of Harvey Nichols, London. Btw, how adorable are the bespoke kitty-cat ragdoll heads by artist and dollmaker Alice Mary Lynch?

Now some hard facts about the collection itself… It’s already been spotted on slebs like Michelle Williams, Katy Perry, Julianne Moore, Danielle Linekar (wife of ex-footballer Gary Linekar) and Celine Buckens (War Horse actress). The pink and black scalloped (worn by VB and Celine Buckens), the cat print ‘patch pocket tunic’ (bubba Harper has a mini version of it – how, how, how cute!) and the cloud print ‘Good Heavens’ (as seen on Danielle Linekar) dresses have sold out on the first day (and have overwhelming waiting lists). I’ve trawled the eBay but couldn’t find a V, VB item listed there *yet*, which means people really, really, really want these dresses (no selling on at a windfall for the girlfriends!). Impressed much? Coming soon to!

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