Feb 7: Happy Birthday Ashton Kutcher

Serena Vora , 07 Feb 2012
Happy Birthday Ashton Kutcher!

It’s Ashton Kutcher’s 34th birthday, and boy has he had an eventful last few months. With his separation from Demi Moore, and his return to television as Walden, on Two and a half Men, Kutcher has been all over the news. 

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore in better times

Kutcher has been paying regular visits to Moore, who was recently rushed to the hospital, after allegedly smoking something similar to incense. Moore has reportedly been out of control since Kutcher cheated on her last year, and her ex-husband Bruce Willis, has been insisting she go to rehab. It is now rumoured that Moore has checked herself into a rehab facility for an eating disorder and addiction.

While Kutcher’s personal life has been going through tough times, his professional life improved, when he replaced Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom Two and a half Men. Though the season premiered to an outstanding audience, with ratings going through the roof, Kutcher has received mixed reviews for his character and the overall story-line hasn’t kept people hooked.

Here’s wishing Kutcher’s personal life gets sorted and professional life continues to soar!

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