Chapter 28: The Domestically Challenged Desi Bride: Refreshing Your Face for Your Big Day (and Dragging Your Fiance Along!) - Facials at Sakasti

MissMalini , 08 Feb 2012

Before our big day, Nowshad and I went to see veteran cosmetologist Sujata Naik of Sakasti, a skin-care clinic in Bandra. Sakasti offers customized skin care analysis, treatments and therapies founded through internationally-proven technologies. Ms Naik shared with us some tips for brides and grooms, and we even tried out some of their services!

Sakasti Skinic
Sakasti Skinic

Tips for Brides and Grooms:

1) Start your skin treatments at least 8-10 weeks before the wedding for best results.
2) Start working out, watch what you eat and drink lots of water to have healthy, glowing skin.
3) Sleep is again very important so try to sleep for at least 7-8 hours everyday.

Sakasti Skinic
Sakasti Skinic

The Male Perspective

First of all, who knew you could do so many things to your face that didn’t involve a bar of soap or a razor blade? I’ve never had a facial before, and it took my third wedding to MissMalini (yes, all of them to her!) to drag me into one. Dr. Naik took a close look at me and immediately prescribed a Multivitamin facial with a special “Eye Rescue”treatment for my tired looking eyes and my sun damaged skin. I had no idea what this meant.

Sakasti inauguration
Sakasti inauguration

Surprisingly, Dr. Naik was able to tell quite a bit about my lifestyle just from my skin and complexion (too many late nights, not enough water… among other things ;) Impressed, I decided I had nothing to lose and acquiesced. Whisked away to the private treatment room, my therapist proceeded to describe every phase of the procedure as she carefully performed them.  I must have lost track around Step 7. Layer after layer of cleansers, exfoliants, creams and moisturizers were applied, massaged in and removed, putting my occasional face-wash at home to shame. Meanwhile, I peacefully lay back in the dermatologist’s equivalent of a dentist’s chair (minus the freaky drilling sounds and the spit sucker).

The treatment rooms
The treatment rooms

While I’m not one to make a big fuss about my face, the end results were undeniable – my skin looked cleaner, brighter (note: NOT whiter!) and even a few years younger. If I weren’t so freakin’ modest *ahem*, I might even say I looked pretty damn good. What I will say though – while I have no complaints about refreshing my looks – by far my favorite step was the invigorating pressure point face massage near the end of the routine. Meant to improve blood circulation, drain toxins, and reduce stress,  after 90 mins of lying in place it definitely hits the spot… and it’s not everyday someone massages your face.

So was it worth it? While I don’t see myself making a regular habit of it, given the noticeable improvement at the end, it has certainly served its purpose of helping me look my best for my big day. For a special occasion that calls for you to mask your terrible hydration habits or those overworked eyes, this is a relatively quick fix with immediate results. So why not? And frankly, I’ll take any excuse to get another one of those massages.

Sakasti Skinic

The Female Perspective

As you can see from Nowshad’s experience above your girlfriend/wife/fiance probably knows best, so when she tries to drag you along for your first ever facial try not to resist so much :)

I of course have experimented with various facials/skin treatments etc throughout my life but have to say I was extremely impressed with the Dermalogica range of products, especially for uber-sensitive skin like mine. The recommended Light Therapy and Clearing treatment Dr. Naik prescribed did the job gently and effectively, and we’ll definitely be be back.

Psst! Isn’t it cute how he described all the steps? The magical mysterious world of cosmetic heaven? *Lol* boys!

Recommended treatments at Sakasti:

1. Sakasti Magic
2. 3D Skin Rejuvenation
3. Hydrafacial
4. Sakasti Younglow
5. Sakasti Signature
6. Sakasti Adonis
7. Unique treatment called Lip Blossoms for dry, dull, pigmented lips

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