Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor

I’ve covered my fair share of events for MissMalini, but this has got to be one of the craziest ones. We were invited to Cocoberry‘s unveiling of their new chocolate flavour with Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan, who showed up in Imran’s new Ferrari (so *drool* worthy) and the media swarmed them!

As they arrived, the media completely surrounded the car. I was shut out; there was no way I could see a thing. Kareena and Imran were stuck in the car for about ten minutes because the media just wouldn’t move away and let them out. And when the two got out, it was even worse – my toes are still crying from the number of times they’ve been stepped on! Kareena and Imran then went into Cocoberry, where they began their shoot.

Imran Khan’s Ferrari

The only one who got lucky was the cutest little girl, who’d come especially to meet Kareena, and had brought this whole book with her she wanted signed. Last I spotted, she was trying to brave the crowd by standing in the thick of it, but that didn’t work out… however, the PR person took her book in and Kareena signed it for her! Ah, to be young. 😛

Kareena signs a girl’s notebook

The funniest thing was that while the media didn’t seem to show Kareena and Imran much respect (I mean, come on, give them a little space to move at least!), they were in absolute awe of the Ferrari. Everytime a car or truck would pass, they would form a protective line in front of the car, as if trying to prevent anything from scratching it. *Lol* And they were staring at it with absolute reverence, not even touching it – just looking, gawking, taking photos. Too funny. I stood near the car myself (because going any closer to Cocoberry would have been suicide), so I got a first hand view of it.

Kareena and Imran

By that time, Kareena and Imran finished their shoot inside (and I think, spent a couple of minutes debating how the hell they were gonna get out!) They finally braved it and made it back to the car, which again was another issue altogether – the media crowded around the car again, making it difficult for them to drive away. To give you an idea of how crazy it was: I was standing behind their car trying to get a video, and there was this guy behind me who kept yanking at my ponytail! I kid you not. I thought it was a mistake the first time – and the second time – but then he kept repeatedly doing it. I finally just elbowed him (*lol*); I didn’t even turn around so I have no idea if I hit my target, but at least the yanking stopped, so I guess it did the trick!

Seriously, though, events like this give you a real taste of how crazy it can get when it comes to the media. I mean, if they were all civilized and stopped pushing, everyone would have gotten worthwhile shots. But in the end no one seemed to get much of anything, and I at least, was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. But then I got to sample Cocoberry’s new chocolate flavour, and well, that sort of helped cure that bitter taste. 😛