Ramesh Taurani Calls Deepika Padukone "Unethical" and "Unprofessional"

Rashmi Daryanani , 10 Feb 2012
Deepika Padukone and Ramesh Taurani

Uh oh. Seems like producer Ramesh Taurani is very miffed at Deepika Padukone for her decision to opt out of Race 2. Deepika apparently shot for the film for 6 days, after which she opted out and left the producers in a lurch.

Ramesh Taurani

Ramesh Taurani’s story:

According to him, Deepika had a bit of a date problem in the beginning, because of the Ayan Mukherji film. Ramesh Taurani spoke to producer Karan Johar and sorted out the dates, after which Deepika was brought on board. After shooting for six days, Taurani started hearing rumors about Deepika being out of the film, so he called her to confirm. She said she’d bring along her new manager for a meeting with him, but apparently called later, to say she wouldn’t make it and only the manager would come. At the meeting, the manager basically told Taurani that Deepika was out of the film because she had a Hollywood project on her hands! To top it off, soon after, she announced she’d be doing Rajnikanth‘s film. Taurani claims there was no apology forthcoming from her side.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone’s story:

Someone on Deepika’s side, said that the reason she opted out of Race 2, was because of the constant changes in dates. When the first delay happened, she shifted her dates, but then she heard the dates would be changed again, by which point she decided she just didn’t have enough dates to juggle with. So, while she was interested in the script, she had to drop it, even after shooting for it. Oh, and this source even said that she did apologize to Taurani.

So who knows what the story is really like? But Deepika is definitely out of the film, and the producers are now looking for a replacement. Rumor has it that Priyanka Chopra is being strongly considered for the role.

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