Feb 17: Happy Birthday Paris Hilton!

Ridhima Sinha , 17 Feb 2012
Happy Birthday Paris Hilton
Happy Birthday Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is one celeb, everyone loves to hate. And on her birthday, while we could go on to discuss the many reasons why some people think she doesn’t qualify to be a role model for our generation, we should steer clear of that stuff. I was at one of the events when Paris was in Mumbai last September, to officially launch her hanbags and accessories brand in India, and I truly admire the dignified, patient manner, in which she went about meeting and greeting everyone, that cared enough to show up to see her.

Paris HIlton in Mumbai | starnews.in
Paris HIlton in Mumbai (photo courtesy | starnews.in)

And that is a quality not all celebs possess, even if they’re out to promote their own stuff. Her eccentric behavior and her outlandish sense of style, makes her unique, but more importantly, she takes immense pride in her uniqueness, and chooses to stay that away. She’s taken celeb brand endorsements to dizzying heights, and we love her passion for life.

Paris Hilton in a Saree at an event in Mumbai | livemint.com
Paris Hilton in a saree at an event in Mumbai (photo courtesy | livemint.com)

Team MissMalini celebrates Paris Hilton, and wishes her loads of luck with all her endeavors, and a birthday that helps her figure out her priorities in life, so that she can be proud of her achievements.

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