Rahul Khanna Wants To Do Something Juicy!

Rashmi Daryanani , 19 Feb 2012
Do Something Juicy!

Rahul Khanna sure can make me melt (he made it onto my top 5 dateable list) – and when I came across his latest ad campaign for Maggi, well, let’s just say I melted even more. Just check out that look he gives the camera in this video!

With the catchphrase “something juicy coming soon” I can only say that they definitely picked the right brand ambassador in Rahul Khanna! *swoon*

Amrita Puri and Rahul Khanna

He also partners with Amrita Puri in this campaign, and I have to say, it’s so adorable. How come I never thought of this pair before? I loved Amrita in Aisha, and the more I think about it, she and Rahul make a great on-screen pair. Someone cast them in a movie together, quick! (Or just cast them in movies in general, they’re both so talented and we don’t see nearly enough of them on-screen)

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