Backstage, On the Ramp and In the Lounge: What We Saw at the Fiama Di Wills Show

Sue Castellino , 20 Feb 2012
All the Action
All the action

The best moments are always those that you don’t see, unless you’re actually there. Thanks to Fiama Di Wills, who brought us in especially for their show, we got a taste of all that action. The candid moment in the makeup room with Mickey Contractor, to the brilliance of Taufiq Qureshi’s music, we’ve got snippets of it all.

Backstage with Mickey

Mickey Contractor
Mickey Contractor

Mickey was the official hair and makeup artist for the Fiama Di Will’s show. Being the complete busy bee and professional that he is, we did a super quick byte with him, while he was doing Kingfisher calendar girl, Himarsha Venkatsamy‘s, makeup, for Sanchita Ajjampur‘s show. Mickey tells us, that both looks for Payal Jain and Sanchita, are wet and frosty; a complete nude face for Sanchita, with brown eyebrows, whereas for Payal, they mixed 4 different shades of red to get the perfect red lips.

Clapping to the sounds of Taufiq

Taufiq Qureshi
Taufiq Qureshi

Innovation, as I’ve mentioned before, is what Fiama Di Wills was pushing for with this show; well Taufiq Qureshi took that theme to a whole new level. He began with creating sounds that sounded like a train was about to leave the station, and did all of this, using only his mouth. I thought it couldn’t get better, but then he started playing the drums, all the while interacting with the audience, making us part of his music. The other instrument/music console (?) he used were a series of sounds, that were pre-recorded, and with just a wave of his hand over the machine, it would play back those sounds – it was like he was creating music while conducting in air. Yes, this will all make sense when you watch the video!

No bricks in this wall

Fiama Di WIlls Wall
Fiama Di WIlls wall

At the Wills Lifestyle and Fiama Di Wills lounge, there was a wall dedicated to Payal and Sanchita, to lend a little hint, as to what the show would be like. Payal chose to have barks of trees, that had a light grey stripe go through them, while  Sanchita decided to go with bunches of flowers, that were all white-washed. Both panels had screens of what the designers were inspired by. Which one do you like better?

Also at the lounge..

At the Lounge (Picture at the bottom courtesy Wills Lifestyle)
At the lounge (bottom picture, courtesy | Wills Lifestyle)

While waiting for the show to start, an experimental band performed at the Wills Lifestyle and Fiama Di Wills lounge. I headed there partly due to the fact that there were some strange noises, and also, the people in the lounge looked very enthralled by what was going on. The band, which actually played some really interesting music, suddenly decided to switch it up with this child-like rambling between the two main singers, and a whole lot of nonsensical chatter. Let’s just say, many in the audience were waiting for the song to end!

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