Feb 20th: Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Priyanka Kurien , 20 Feb 2012
Happy Birthday RiRi! (picture courtesy | media10.onsugar.com)
Happy Birthday RiRi! (picture courtesy | media10.onsugar.com)

Love her or hate her – no wait, is there anyone out there who really, truly hates her? Anyways, whatever your sentiments are, towards this insanely talented 24 year old, you can’t help but commend her for what she’s accomplished.I mean, hello! She’s 24 people. Makes you wonder what you were doing at that age huh?? And while you’re thinking about that, here are my top 10 favourites, (which, F.Y.I., were really hard to narrow down because I loveeee her music), from this Barbadian babe.  Let me know what yours are, in the comments below.

1. Don’t Stop The Music

(Album: Good Girl Gone Bad, 2008). The ultimate party-song from years gone by…

2. Umbrella Ft. Jay-Z

(Album: Hot, Wet & Sexy, The Definitive Collection, 2009). This was pretty much the song that really established her in the music industry, don’t you think?

3. Unfaithful

(Album: Hot, Wet & Sexy, The Definitive Collection, 2009). It’s all in the lyrics…

4. Take A Bow

(Album: Hot, Wet & Sexy, The Definitive Collection, 2009). If you’re a girl, you’ll get why I love this song…

5. Russian Roulette

(Album: Rated R, 2009). Suicidal? Check. Awesome. Check, check!

6. Te Amo

(Album: Rated R, 2009). RiRi being romantic? What do you think?

7. Only Girl (In The World)

(Album: Loud, 2010). The song every girl wants to sing to her guy. But won’t.

8. What’s My Name Ft. Drake

(Album: Loud, 2010). From the get-go, this song just struck a chord with me…

9. S & M

(Album: Loud, 2010). Dirty-but-if-it-plays-in-the-club- you’re-on-the-bar, am I right?

10. We Found Love Ft. Calvin Harris

(Album: We Found Love, 2011). Do I really need to explain this one?

Happy birthday Riri; we, at team MissMalini, wish you even more success (I think you’re sorted on the professional front, so let’s focus on the personal arena eh?) in all your future endeavors. xoxo

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