Sanchita Ajjampur's Feminine Warriors For Fiama Di Wills

Sue Castellino , 20 Feb 2012
Sanchita Ajjampur (picture on the left, courtesy | Wills Lifestlye)
Sanchita Ajjampur (picture on the left, courtesy | Wills Lifestlye)

Sanchita Ajjampur‘s collection was inspired by Samurai warriors, and Fiama Di Wills theme of ‘innovation’. She combined the two, by creating looks that had the models ready to take over the ramp. Each model stomped their way down the ramp in these high sequined wedges, that immediately went on my ‘must-buy’ list. The collection was a play between soft and strong, with an emphasis on texture.

SAnchita Ajjampur Picture Courtesy Wills Lifestlye
Sanchita Ajjampur (picture courtesy | Wills Lifestlye)

We saw a lot of fur, pleating and rope detail on the garments. This texturization is what brought out the armour feel of the whole collection.  The chunky rope detailing on one blouse, was made to look like a chest plate, going back to that main inspiration of a warrior. We like that the heaviness of the texture had movement, and looked elegant, at the same time. One particular shrug looked like shredded wool, which had hints of tinsel in it; it looked exquisite, especially when paired with a milk toffee colored drape dress (above, left).

Sanchita Ajjampur Pants (Pictures on the left & center Courtesy Wills Lifestlye)
Sanchita Ajjampur pants (pictures on the left & center, courtesy | Wills Lifestyle)

Another strong look, were the anti-fit blouses, that were paired with pants – though these weren’t ordinary pants. Skinny, fitted and highly sequined, we’re talking about head turning pants, that will no doubt find their way into many rocker/party girl wardrobes. The black ones with beading and embroidery were my favourite, and I’m sure will be used in many editorials. All in all, a very note worthy collection, from such a petite rock star designer.

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