To Jump Or Not To Jump?
To Jump Or Not To Jump?

What’s the best way to celebrate a new marriage? By jumping off a 192m tower, obviously. Part-bungy, part base jumping (but admittedly not as intense as either), SkyJump gave us a chance to whet our adventure sports appetite as we hurtled off Sky Tower, Auckland’s most popular and visible tourist destination, at speeds of up to 85kph. Equipped with a jump suit attached to a cable that controlled our landing, MissMalini and I got our New Zealand adventure off to thrilling start, and we have pictures and video to prove it!

MissMalini Get Ready to Jump
MissMalini Gets Ready to Jump…
MIssMalini Jumps!
…And Takes the Plunge!
Nowshad Contemplates Life After Death
Nowshad Contemplates Life After Death…
Nowshad Jumps!
…and Lives to See Another Day.

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