The Vodafone Pug’s BACK!!!

Zina Tasreen , 22 Feb 2012
Vodafone India's campaigns with the pug

Just put a dog in a commercial or anywhere ‒ and I’m sold. Y-ES, I love dogs, to bits (I’m a doting mother of one, named Bubbles, y’see! :-D). As brilliant as the ZooZoos were, naturally, nothing beats Vodafone India’s (and previously, Hutch’s) campaigns featuring the beyond adorable pug(s), for me. So y’day when I learnt that Vodafone would be launching a new campaign with the pooch, I couldn’t be more delighted. I saw one of the three TVCs from this campaign and… it melted my heart into a puddle of goo. The reason being…?

Stills from the TVC

It’s playing the Cupid this time! Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, the TVC was shot in Kuala Lumpur by Nirvana Films, with the aim of communicating the telecom service provider’s superior (??) network quality (precisely, “improved sound clarity, ensures no call dropping, enables instant connection”).

It shows a little boy checking out a little girl in the playground, and you can tell that the girl likes him, too. They keep exchanging looks and smiles but fret not getting the chance to actually talk to one another and take off properly (kids, these day, I tell ya!). The pug who has been observing the kiddies’ behaviour all this while, decides to take matters into its own hands (or paws!): it craftily snatches the girl’s scarf and flings it in front of the boy’s feet. The girl right away runs to retrieve her scarf, and towards the boy, hence, getting a chance to come closer to him and natter. The way Vodafone enables instant connection, that is. Awwww-some, no? Oh, HURRY UP now on the spots for improved sound quality and no call dropping!!

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