In Love With Gucci's New Collection! These Are the Looks We're Craving

Sue Castellino , 23 Feb 2012
Gucci Fall 2012 (picture courtesy
Gucci Fall 2012 (picture courtesy |

The absolutely fabulous Frida Giannini has done it again; this dark lustful collection oozes a sense of darkroom secrets and bold masculinity. The Gucci women is now stronger than she was before, and certainly has her finger on the fashion trigger. The deep hues of purple, moss green, slate, maroon and black, complimented the collection’s inspiration of the nineteenth century. As Giannini rightly explains to fashionlogie “This is a modern-day romanticism, a dramatic sensuality, dark glamour,with subtle games of provocative intellect.”

Gucci Fall 2012 (picture Courtesy
Gucci Fall 2012 (picture courtesy |

As mentioned there was a huge masculine feel to the whole collection; from the full trousers to the cut of the blazers, it was a strong step for the Gucci women. The fall of the trouser is fluid, and has an ease that demands casual chic. There is a definite ‘oversize’ trend creeping up on the runways, which best compliments a tall lean body. However if you do wish to indulge in this trend, then opt for one garment being oversized and not H2T, like some of the looks from this show.

Gucci Fall 2012 Capes (picture courtesy
Gucci Fall 2012 Capes (picture courtesy |

I’m convinced, especially after seeing this collection, that there are going to be a number of cape like jackets flooding the market this fall. Full length and minimal, or cropped with pocket details, both options are very fashionable. The leather crop cape jacket, seen above, is a definite winner for all those who want to update their 80s style closets.

Gucci Fall 2012 Velvets (picture courtesy
Gucci Fall 2012 Velvets (picture courtesy |

Velvet is always big for fall in India, as we see it a lot in our ethnic collection, so it’s nice for a change to see some dresses and jumpsuit in the fabric. Velvet does tend to look heavy but the great thing about the midnight blue embossed velvet wrap dress, is that it has a lightness to it.

Gucci Fall 2012 Valkries (picture curtesy
Gucci Fall 2012 Valkries (picture curtesy |

These opaque gowns with metallic appliqué detailing are so darkly angelic, that they almost remind me of what real life Valkries would look like. The peep of skin, just enough to be alluring, adds an almost magical feel to these gowns, which I’m sure we’ll see at least one of  (with lining), at the Oscars.

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