TREND ALERT: POP Phones Popping Up Everywhere!

TREND ALERT: POP Phones Popping Up Everywhere!

Zina Tasreen
Moshi Moshi POP Phones!

Remember POP Phones? How I reported that they might just be THE fashion accessory to be seen toting around in 2012. Merely into Day 50-something of 366 we are and it looks like the trend has gathered quite the momentum. Curious to know how?

Phone chargers provided by Vodafone at A/W'12 London Fashion Week (Photo courtesy | Imran Amed of Business of Fashion)

They were handed out at the Autumn/Winter 2012 round of shows at the London Fashion Week! Other than finding phone chargers under the seats at the venues, the attendees found POP Phones, too. London Fashion Week, celebrated as the most cutting-edge of the four major fashion weeks, is openly advocating it ‒ what could be a bigger acknowledgement of their cool factor than this?

Orlando Bloom (left) and David Hasselhoff (right) with POP Phones!

Also, I mentioned how lots of celebs have been spotted with them. Now add Orlando Bloom and The Hoff to that list… ;-)

POP Phone at A/W'12 London Fashion Week! (Photo courtesy | Jamie Millar of the British GQ)

What are you waiting for? Go get yours NOW!

P.S.: LOOK! Team MissMalini’s Amruta Khatavkar has got one in pink, from the Dubai Mall… :-D

Pretty in pink: Amruta's POP Phone!