Chapter 35: The Domestically Challenged Desi Bride, Bits & Bobs!

Sue Castellino , 25 Feb 2012
Rajasthan themed Mehendi (Picture Courtesy Rahul De Cunha)
Rajasthan themed Mehendi (picture courtesy | Rahul De Cunha)

As a guest at the wedding, what really stood out to me, were the personal touches that MissMalini and Nowshad Rizwanullah added to all of the events. Just like the Rajasthan inspired decor at the carnival mehendi and sangeet created by Marry Me – The Wedding Planners, there were many aspects to each event that added to the flair of the wedding. The subtle details, that unless you looked closely, went unnoticed, but really made a big impact, were the things I wanted to share with you. These little odds and ends really brought the whole Goa wedding together!


designwallas tags
Designwallas tags

MissMalini says, “Thank you Designwallas for making everything so slick and charming!”

If you haven’t heard of them, you have to check these guys out. I’m a little OCD, when it comes to those small little details that make a world of difference. Designwallas were the ones who did all of the packaging for MissMalini’s wedding. From the boxes the invites were sent out in, to the cute little tags that said ‘eat me’ or ‘try me’, it was these details that really made the wedding memorable. If you’re planning a wedding soon, and really want to make your guests feel that extra bit special, MissMalini recommends

Designwallas invites
Designwalla invites
Designwallas (Picture Courtesy Rahul De Cunha)
Designwallas (picture courtesy | Rahul De Cunha)

CupCake Wedding Cake!

Cup cake cake (Picture Courtesy Ranjit Rodricks)
Cup cake cake (Picture Courtesy Ranjit Rodricks)

MissMalini says, “Over the years I’ve seen a lot of wedding cake go to waste, so we figured why not go with cupcakes? Everybody loves cupcakes.”

As soon as MissMalini saw the cake she screamed, “This is exactly what I wanted!” The whole beach theme was delicately applied to the cake without being over-bearing. The marzipan starfish and shells, were a delightful addition, to the blue icing. Plus they were delicious – I’m going to break the silence and declare I ate two!!! It’s a great idea to have a cupcake wedding cake, and I’ve seen a few at modern weddings, but they’d be great for even more traditional ones, so give it a try.

Pick ME!

Beach Stuff for the guest
Beach stuff for the guests

Being that most of the festivities were on the beach, MissMalini had a bunch of stuff from sun-hats, flip flops, sarongs and even beach toys, that were apt for the occasion. How thoughtful! Some of us didn’t carry slippers, so it was nice to see a basketful of them at the wedding. I also liked that there were bindis and bangles to add to your outfit for the mehendi, a really girly touch to the event! Oh and do you remember those Besos Mehendi Bags we gave away? Well there was a basketful of them at the venue and I was so tempted to take more than one!

Besos bags (Picture Courtesy Ranjit Rodricks)
Besos bags (picture courtesy | Ranjit Rodricks)

Cool Off, Will You!


What better way to cool off than have a nice gola (yes I’m sure the beer helped too), which was so refreshing. Plus such a fun little activity for some of the kids that were at the wedding. Although I’m sure, more than the kids, all the adults found their inner child craving some candy ice.

Say Bollywood!

Bike photo (Picture courtesy Rahul De Cunha)
Bike photo (picture courtesy | Rahul De Cunha)

MissMalini says, “Thank you Marry Me – The Wedding Planners for my first-of-its-kind Carnival Mehendi!”

Apart from the photo booth session at the sangeet, there was a whimsical old bollywood sort of display, with a marigold curtain, kites and a yellow Bajaj scooter (Indian Vespa). Along with it, was a table filled with disco-esque props to wear and take pictures with. We had a blast taking pictures with it, although sitting on a bike wearing a sari is such a task, so hats off to women who do it with such ease!

Bollywood Disco Shoot (Picture Courtesy Ranjit Rodricks)
Bollywood disco shoot (picture courtesy | Ranjit Rodricks)

I Will Survive!

Survival Kits (picture courtesy Rahul De Cunha)
Survival Kits (picture courtesy | Rahul De Cunha)

The much talked about gift bags/survival kits; and you know what, I forgot to take one! (They were kept at a table all in a row at the reception, and I was having so much fun with the festivities that it completely slipped my mind.) The bags itself, I felt, were the cutest, with sequined panels on them and muted colours. I’m sure all the guests were quite thrilled to receive the helpful goodies inside them!

*For more suggestions and ideas on how to throw you own big fat Indian beach wedding write to [email protected].

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