Feb 25th: Happy Birthday, Shahid Kapoor! His “Aww” Moments

Feb 25th: Happy Birthday, Shahid Kapoor! His “Aww” Moments

Rashmi Daryanani
Birthday boy, Shahid Kapoor
Birthday boy, Shahid Kapoor

If you haven’t guessed already, I love Shahid Kapoor. I love him, and his movies, and his philosophical tweets, and his eye-wrinkling grin. And while he has certainly come into his own as of late, and is donning an edgier look (and, let’s not forget, partying with bikini babes in Goa *wink*), I will probably always love him most for that “good guy” side of him. It’s a side that comes across in his films and characters a lot. So, while Shahid is no doubt having a crazy Goa birthday at the moment, I am sitting here YouTubing some of my favourite scenes with him, that just make me go aww. Want to see what I came up with? :)

1. Long-Distance Love; Vivah

I love the innocence of this film – I’ve always had a soft spot for Barjatya‘s ideals; they’re very reminiscent of old-school Bollywood. I love Shahid’s character in Vivah, which is what probably epitomized his “chocolate boy” image. This scene in particular, is full of “aww” moments; yeah, maybe it’s a bit too idealistic and has no place in the modern world, but you gotta appreciate the old-world innocence and charm of it.

2. Hotel Decent; Jab We Met

I could spend forever and a day talking about how much I love Jab We Met. Firstly, if there’s one Bollywood character I’d want to marry, it would be Aditya from this film. This scene is just perfect; his exchange with Kareena is both, cute and hilarious.

3. “Sewer Ki Aulaad”; Jab We Met

Of course I’d include another Jab We Met scene! ;) Love how it comes full-circle and he’s the one comforting her in another hotel. His “Better lag raha hai?” and “Anytime” are the cutest things ever.

4. 5’10”; Kismat Konnection

Teehee, gotta love his cute attempts at getting the girl. And like Vidya says in this scene, he’s “not so bad.” ;)

5. Apology, Bollywood-style; Dil Bole Hadippa

I’d pretend to be mad forever, if this was his attempt to apologize! Shahid does a DDLJ Shah Rukh in this film, all the while tossing in a dimple and wink. Excuse me while I melt.

6. You Want To Do Fraandship With Me?; Chance Pe Dance

I love the cutesy chemistry Shahid and Genelia share, and this scene in particular is too cute – from him edging her on to drive faster, to her “you want to do fraandship with me?”, to his sitting on the pole.

7. Most Handsome Boy in Punjab; Mausam

Shahid’s character goes through many stages in Mausam, but perhaps the one I like the most, is him as the Punjabi teenager. Love his antics during this stage of the film, and in particular this scene – he’s too funny.

Share some of your favourite Shahid scenes with me – aww-worthy or otherwise!