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Danny Sura , 29 Feb 2012

First and foremost what a privilege to be MissMalini’s first “Guy About Town” guest blogger, you are not confused! This is the same Danny Sura, who has been chartering his Bollywood adventures for and I thought, why not share another side of me, and show you some of my favourite items from my wardrobe!

Danny Sura
Danny Sura

Who is your fashion iconAmitabh Bachchan! Considering his age, he can carry off any look! Be it flowery loud shirts, to loud sunglasses, to wearing multi-coloured scarves. Rahul Khanna is another person, whom I admire for his dress sense.
Who is your favourite designer
– Without a doubt, it has to be Britain’s own Ozwald Boateng. What I admire about him, is his trademark twist on the classic British tailoring style.
What is your personal style –
Varies on the day and on my mood! Mostly, I like wearing clothes that are light and comfortable and give me room to breathe.
Your one fashion tip –
If you feel comfortable and relaxed, wear it!

(1) Ben Sherman blue shirt:
Ben Sherman Shirt
Ben Sherman Shirt

This is the first Ben Sherman item that I have bought. What attracted me to it, is that it’s well-fitted and most of all, very comfortable to wear. It’s a nice colour as well, and can be worn casually or with a pair of nice trousers, suiting any occasion.

(2) Top Man light blue t-shirt and Next hat:
Top Man Light blue t shirt and Next Hat
Top Man light blue t shirt and Next hat

Sorry folks but the Top Man and Next brands of clothing are only available in the UK! In this picture, I am sporting a Top Man low neck t-shirt and a Next hat. This low neck t-shirt is light, well-fitted and perfect to wear in the hot Mumbai heat. The Next hat that I am wearing, is something that I like to put on when wearing t-shirts; it brings out some of my meanness and sometimes I like having that “look with an attitude!”

(3) Top Man collared t-shirt and River Island hat:
Top Man collar t-shirt and River Island Hat
Top Man collared t-shirt and River Island hat

I know what you are thinking… “Doesn’t Danny shop anywhere else besides Top Man and River Island?” I believe one doesn’t have to pay high prices, to look good and wear good clothes. You can make something simple look like a thousand pounds! The Top Man collared t-shirt shows off my broad shoulders, and just sits perfectly on me – one of the reasons why I bought it! The hat from River Island, is an accessory that I would not normally purchase, but it makes me stand out from the crowd, and not many people can carry this look off. I believe that I can!

(4) Top Man black v-neck t-shirt and River Island grey waistcoat:
Top Man T shirt and River Island Waist Coast
Top Man T shirt and River Island waistcoat

My chosen outfit when I venture out into the night! This is a classy look, and I feel it brings out my “British” side perfectly. Again, I am wearing a Top Man t-shirt, and it’s one of my favourite brands of clothing. The River Island waistcoat is part of a 3 piece suit.

(5) River Island grey suit:
Danny Sura
Danny Sura

So when I am going off to dinner parties, or auditions that require me to come dressed in formals, I wear this grey suit, with a light grey shirt and black tie. The slim fit compliments my body shape perfectly, and I get the “oooohs and the aaahhs” from the opposite sex… which helps boost my confidence!

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