What Really Happens at the Lakmé Fashion Week Fittings

Sue Castellino , 29 Feb 2012
Lakmé Fashion Week Fittings (picture courtesy Lakmé Fashion Week)
Lakmé Fashion Week fittings (picture courtesy | Lakmé Fashion Week)

In general, the fittings are the days where designers get to see their clothes on the models. In reality, there is also a whole lot of other things that happen, that most people don’t document. So, I thought instead of waiting for fashion week to end, and then giving you our ‘what only we see’, I’d do it now.

Read to me baby
reading beauty
Reading beauty

If there is one aspect about the fittings nobody loves, it’s the waiting; waiting on the clothes to be ironed, shoes to arrive, music to be sorted etc. etc. etc. Since you don’t have many options, besides chatting with your friends, the other option is to catch up on your reading. I spotted model Arshia Ahuja reading Ayn Rand; she says she gets a craving to read her books once every 2 years! Plus I saw this very hunk-ariffic model, reading a Tom Clancy novel… not bad huh girls?

Coffee Chai?… Aacha Masala Chai
Coffee chai
Coffee chai

I know Mumbai is warming up to a fever pitch right now, but the Grand Hyatt is always pretty cold, especially the M.S.A. and the individual fitting rooms. That’s why you’ll always see a crowd of people in their shawls and jackets at the coffee chai counter.

Behind the Scenes
Nina Manuel and Narendra Kumar
Nina Manuel and Narendra Kumar

As you may know, since we announced it earlier, Nina Manuel is the host of LFW TV. She’s such a natural in front of the camera, and knows all her angles, lines and is a ball watch in action – always so polite to everyone from the camera team! Those candid moments that no one catches (I couldn’t get my flip out in time), is what really makes all the waiting around at the events worth it! My favourite moment was when Narendra Kumar, with a straight face, turned to the producer of L.F.W. TV and said, “I don’t want to give an Interview with Nina”, which was followed by a sudden awkward pause, and then he gave out a huge laugh at the look on everyone’s faces! It took them a while to realize that Nina and Nari go way back, and that he’d been joking the whole time!

Try me!
Anjana Sharma (picture courtesy Lakmé Fashion Week)
Anjana Sharma (picture courtesy | Lakmé Fashion Week)

What happens more often than not, is that those apart from the models, are the ones that really want to try on the clothes and accessories. Looking at all this fresh fashion, being hung on the racks, you go through a mini window shopping haze, where you want everything, but are only allowed to try on the things that you see. Anjana Sharma, loves to play around with her accessories (and we spotted some great jewellery on her yesterday), but the picture above with her in the hat is priceless – such a great fashion moment.

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