Lucky Morani, Sulaiman Merchant, Bina & Talat Aziz, Salim Merchant

Le Club Musique is an exclusive club offering musical entertainment across different genres for their members. The club, headlined by Lucky Morani and Bina Aziz, had it’s launch event at the Trident in Mumbai recently, featuring vocals by Salim-Sulaiman, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Talat Aziz, Pankaj Udas and Anup Jalota. It was a fun-filled night with some of the best in the music industry, and I’ve got all the details for you!


The main act was by Salim-Sulaiman, where they performed to several of my favourite songs, including Aye Khuda and Aashayein. They were also joined by Shadab Faridi on vocals for some songs, because Salim had a bit of a throat problem. Shadab sang O Re Piya, Haule Haule and more – he has a lovely voice! Percussionist Karsh Kale from New York also played at the event; he was really good as well.

Karsh Kale

Of course, when you’ve got some of the most amazing singers under one roof, you can’t pass up the opportunity to have them sing. Salim and Sulaiman did just that, calling Talat Aziz, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Pankaj Udas and Anup Jalota up for a song each. They were all spontaneous performances and a lot of fun; it really is something else when you’ve got all of them on one stage singing together! If this is what Le Club Musique will be like, well, I think it sounds like my definition of awesome.

Anup Jalota and Sonu Nigam

I think a lot of people agreed it was amazing – everyone seemed to be either soaking in the music during a slower song, or clapping and singing along during a faster one. Sonu Nigam in particular seemed to be enjoying it; actually, he was so invested in the performances that he got up and went to tell the sound engineers that the sound was a bit off (which it was – too loud at one point). They promptly fixed it, to which Sonu, once in his seat, turned around and gave a thumbs up. Cute!

Salim Merchant and wife, Jeanne

The cutest thing was when Salim’s wife, Jeanne, started yelling “More music!” at the end of their performance. I don’t think she wanted the night to end, and well, who could blame her? But luckily for Jeanne the night wasn’t over; DJ Khushi took the stage for the after party and played an awesome set.

Alka Yagnik

Also spotted at the event were Alka Yagnik and Shahid Kapoor, who I can’t believe I missed – I still don’t know how it happened; maybe he showed up only for the after party.

Shahid Kapoor

Also, remember the time I told you about how I had asked Salim for a photo during the Love Breakups Zindagi music launch, but never got one? Well… success! 😉

Salim Merchant and Rashmi Daryanani