Prateik Babbar and Rhea Kapoor Attend the Masaba Gupta and Shivan & Narresh Show

Sue Castellino , 03 Mar 2012
Rhea Kapoor, Prateik Babbar, Masaba Gupta and Shivan & Narresh
Rhea Kapoor, Prateik Babbar, Masaba Gupta and Shivan & Narresh

The highly anticipated show of day 1 of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2012, was the 3:00pm slot, as both Masaba Gupta and Shivan & Narresh were going to be showcasing their new collections. Rhea Kapoor, who’s been a fan of Shivan & Narresh from the start, turned up for the show (wearing something very reminiscent from their vanilla collection), but all eyes were on the ramp, waiting for Masaba’s show-starter.  The ladies in the audience were armed with their cameras, just waiting to get that perfect shot of Prateik Babbar. Sorry to disappoint our female readers, but only a few of his abs were on display (I knew that’s what you were wondering!). Alright enough of the fluff, now for the fashion.

Masaba Gupta’s Sorbet
Masaba Gupta (picture courtesy Lakme Fashion Week)
Masaba Gupta (picture courtesy | Lakme Fashion Week)

It did feel like we were in an ice cream truck, as all the creamy pastel colours came walking out on the ramp. Sherbet pinks, greens and yellows, were balanced with black and flashes of white. Her print of choice this time, was the SLR camera and (my favourite) the horoscope cow. These prints were seen on nehru collared jackets, sari blouses and even jodhpur pants, giving you a lot of options, if you’d like to indulge in them. The saris were interesting, and some of them even had the pallu attached to pallazo pants. Great for those of us sari wearing novices, who really can’t do that ‘kick and walk’ thing our mothers tell us. The collection was very much what Masaba does best; a great fusion of colour, print and a fantastic open back. Cut-out backs in different shapes on garments, will keep all you girls wanting a bit of this Sorbet. Am I right or am I right!?

Shivan & Narresh’s Mosaic and Handcraft
Shivan & Narresh Handcraft
Shivan & Narresh's Handcraft

There were two distinct lines being shown this time; one which is ultra luxury called the Handcraft, and the other which is more pret called Mosaic. The Handcraft collection is an intimate collection of coffee/neutral colored garments, that are quite the limited edition. Only 5 pieces of each design were created and they are stitch free, UV resistant and (for clumsy girls like me), even sunscreen resistant. I’ve been a fan of their saris since the first collection, and this time their Handcraft sari is hands down the best they’ve made.

Shivan & Narresh Mosaic
Shivan & Narresh's Mosaic

The real strength of the show though, was their Mosaic collection – it’s what we’re so used to and so happy seeing. Colour blocking, which although may be a passé trend (to most), is this brand’s identity, and something they grow better at, every season. The colour combination of mustard, roasted chilly and cream was a recipe (sounds like food huh?) for success. Their accessories this time were not overpowering, even though they used chunky chain details on almost all the pieces, and instead added quite the urban touch for such a lady like collection. For all the fellow shoe addicts out there, they made their own foot wear this time; comfortable wedges that are colour blocked and uber stylish. Well done boys! Just leave the hats at home next time…

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