Natalie Portman's Oscar Gown Sells For... $50,000!

Zina Tasreen , 09 Mar 2012
Natalie Portman at the 2012 Oscars

Some people are on the fence about Natalie Portman’s Oscar look (erm, Sue found it to be “disastrous”) but I for one absolutely loved it. Okay, I love anything with polka dots on, but this strapless red silk organza ball gown simply exudes timeless elegance, no? Looks like someone else loved this gown too, certainly more than I ever will did, cos that person put money where mouth is ‒ and snapped it up for $50000/£32000! Read on to know all about this gown steeped in fashion history… :-)

Christian Dior
Monsiuer Dior adjusting jewels on model Victoire, in preparation for a salon show, at his atelier in 1954. This moment is captured by legendary Kennedy family/fashion photographer Mark Shaw. (Photo Courtesy| Andrew Wilder Gallery)

It was designed by none other than the great couturier Christian Dior himself, for his Spring 1954 Haute Couture collection.

Pieces from Christian Dior’s collections in 1947 that gave birth to the New Look

Monsieur Dior, who died shortly in 1957, is credited for inventing what became known as the New Look in 1947, and this gown is emblematic of that. That is, it has a tiny, corseted waist – and a full skirt that required more fabric than usual to create (because of that, the New Look was a radical, luxurious idea in the post-war time he was working in).

Close-ups of the gown (Photo Courtesy| Rare Vintage)

The gown is a US size 4/UK size 8 and was borrowed from leading New York couture dealers Rare Vintage for Natalie Portman’s Oscar outing. Kate Young, a stylist who works closely with Rare Vintage owner Juliana Carione, was the mastermind behind the parade of this vintage gown. She told ‘She was actually going to wear another dress but then I got a call from Rare Vintage and she was like, “You should see this dress for Natalie.” So we went and she put it on, and it needed zero alterations, and Natalie was like, “This was meant to be, wasn’t it?” And I said, “I guess it was.”‘ Natalie Portman’s not a size zero then ‒ phew!

The gown in all its glory!  (Photo Courtesy| Rare Vintage)

Fresh from the Oscar jaunt, the vendor put the gown up for auction on the vintage site A London-based couture enthusiast, who wishes to remain anonymous, parted with that eye-watering sum to add that dress to his/her, presumably impressive, collection.

PS. In case you’re wondering, that box clutch Natalie Portman has got is by Charlotte Olympia, and the dazzling V-shaped necklace she has on is by Harry Winston :-)

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