Brit Boy Bands Are Back!

Brit Boy Bands Are Back!

Miss R.
The Wanted (image source:

Hi MissMalini Peeps,

I kind of feel old when I find out about music that the younger lot have known for a while. Case and point, One Direction and The Wanted. So, here is a quick pop-culture primer on these brand new Brit boy bands.

The Wanted (pictured above) have been successful in the UK for a couple of years now, but have really blown up in Canada and the US in the last few months. I only heard of them through Glee, the television series, where Glad You Came, the song below, was covered:

The other big Brit boy band is called One Direction, who were formed in the UK version of The X-Factor. Though similar to The Wanted, they’re demographic is a bit younger, considering they’re only in their teens (making them a literal boy band).

One Direction (photo source:

Their big single is called What Makes You Beautiful:

What is cool though is that each band has a South Asian member.

Zayn Malik is in One Direction:

Zayn Malik (photosource:

While Siva Kaneswaran is in The Wanted:

Siva Kaneswaran and his twin brother, Kumar (photosource:

So MissMalini readers, are these boy bands becoming popular where you are?