Tom Ford's Selling Eyeglasses For... $3000!

Zina Tasreen , 10 Mar 2012
Tom ‘God’ Ford

Erm, please allow me to indulge in yet another Tom Ford post. Yes, yes, I love him a tad too much (and R, I’ll always hate you ‒ more than a little, mind ‒ for getting to sit next to him on a flight :[email protected]) but he’s always so news-worthy that I can’t help. What has he done now? Come up with eyeglass frames that will retail at exactly $2950 a pair ‒ about ten times the price of your average pair of *designer* glasses, that is. Bugger me, what’s it made of?!!?!

The Tom Ford Special Edition Optical Eyewear Collection

This being Tom Ford take it as given that every last bit of it will be of the plushest of materials. And it is! Called the “Special Edition Optical Eyewear Collection”, they are inspired by the “enduring elegance of 1950s eyewear”, and come in separate designs for men and women.

His (left) and hers (right) frames

The frames are made of the “finest-quality” gold-plated metal with *precious* water buffalo horn on the front and temple tips. Honest, I’m not making this up!

Magnificent, no?
WANT! Just the Bakelite box will do… :-D

Each frame and its leather case is presented in a Bakelite box with a soft brown lining, and is accompanied with a special cleansing cream and chamois cloth to care for the water buffalo horn, which may appear slightly different in every frame due to its organic origins. A certificate of authentication is provided for all THAT, of course.

Close-up of the Men’s frames
Close-up of the Women’s frames

They will be available from April-June *only* in Tom Ford boutiques and select luxury departmental stores. Gotta say they look implausibly exquisite, the whole package, really. Oh, to have that kind of dosh to be able to afford one, or ANY Tom Ford piece. One day, one day…

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