Anushka Arora

The stars of 7 Welcome to London (7WTL) arrived on the red carpet at Cineworld Ilford, East London. Making their debut on the big screen, well known UK models Asad Shan and Sabeeka Imamarrived suited and booted.

I had the pleasure of hosting the screening. Whilst asking Asad how he was feeling, he said, ‘I feel overwhelmed today, so many flashes, wow… the support has been great.’

Sabeeka Imam, Asad Shan and Anushka Arora

With major support from Bollywood, the likes of Karan Johar, Diya Mirza, Tanuj Garg and Daboo Ratnani have been tweeting about it prior to release.

The story of 7WTL goes a little bit like this… Twenty five year old Jai (Asad Shan) leads an impoverished life in Delhi with his humble Punjabi family who he constantly struggles to support. He migrates to London on a three month tourist visa to fulfill his dream. He earns a decent living as an illegal immigrant, leaving his family burdened with a loan. London is his most beautiful dream. Soon he finds a best friend Goldie (Aliakbar Campwala) on a council estate and finds love on the London underground in the form of Simran (Sabeeka Imam) who is Shah Rukh Khan‘s biggest fan.

Sabeeka Imam, Asad Shan and Anushka Arora

One phone call changes his life and he becomes trapped in a dark and dangerous situation leading to an edgy, exciting, fast paced thriller where each man is on his own.

Kudos to Asad and the team – hard work does pay off! Here is to more British Asian cinema making a mark!

Sabeeka Imam, Asad Shan and Anushka Arora

7WTL is running across cinemas in the UK.