The Vodafone Pug Gets Cuter by the Day...

Zina Tasreen , 12 Mar 2012
The print campaign

Remember I told you that the Vodafone pug is back? The next couple of spots from this series… Oh my God, they’re SO cute! The pug is still playing the Cupid ‒ but its antics just got a little more adorable. Come, see, if you haven’t already :-)

Promises by Vodafone India…

The first TVC was to transmit the message that Vodafone India enables instant connectivity, the second one’s to convey the clarity of sound in its network, and the third asserts of the uninterrupted service, i.e. no call dropping, it provides.

Stills from the 'Hear Every Sound' TVC

The second spot opens in a state of lull, with the pug and the boy in a quiescent mode. The pug all of a sudden hears the sound of a bell, jumps into action and tugs the boy by his T-shirt to get him to the front gate of the house. It turns out that the girl was passing by on her bicycle and they give each other flirty looks. That’s how lucid you’d be able to hear your calls via Vodafone, is the memo of this TVC. Okay, I’ll be honest here: as lovely as the whole concept was, I found the manner in which the boy and girl were looking at each other in this spot a tad too age-inappropriate. Although Nirvana Films claim that the kids are teens, they look anything but ‒ to me. Perhaps casting older looking kids would have been all the more impactful. Or, am I simply being ancient?

Stills from the 'Uninterrupted Conversations' TVCs

The third spot shows the pug sitting on a flight of stairs and a man carrying a large box appears to go upstairs. The pug gnarls its teeth and growls to frighten the man away. Why so? The boy and girl are engaged in a chitchat ‒ by the landing of the stairs. And the pug doesn’t want them to be interrupted by the man going past them! So it keeps on gnarling to circumvent the man from climbing the stairs. Sweet, no? That’s meant to show that using Vodafone ensures uninterrupted phone conversations.

Awww… Bless!

Vodafone India will air these TVCs for six weeks, hoping that the pug manages to convince people of the quality of its network ‒ and along the way establish it as the most superior of mobile service providers. SO, is Vodafone India any good? I can speak for Vodafone UK and it is quite shoddy for the price it charges.

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