Durjoy Datta: Top 5 Things NOT to Gift Your Boyfriend!

Durjoy Datta: Top 5 Things NOT to Gift Your Boyfriend!

Durjoy Datta

I love that when Rashmi from Team MissMalini returned from Durjoy Datta’s book launch she sent me this description, “He’s super cute btw, cutest dimples ever… also he’s extremely prolific, he writes like a book every 3 months.” Well there’s a winning combo if I ever saw one! And if you don’t believe me just ask any of his fangirls (one even brought him a red rose.) Needless to say I am thrilled to welcome him to our family of guest bloggers, in the words of Saigon Kick, love is on the way :) xoxo

Durjoy Datta

1) Anything inexpensive

Guys don’t love gifts because it’s a physical manifestation of the girl’s love for them. It’s a physical manifestation of what they can show off to their friends! So that they can go like, ‘Oh, that? My girl gifted me that on our fifth month anniversary.’

2) Flowers

Even as a side gift, it’s pathetic. No guy smells them and clicks pictures of them to post on Facebook with comments and hearts in it. If anything, they are a real pain in the backside because we don’t know what to do with them! It’s a gift you give, not receive, remember that. Plus, we are all about the money.

3) Cards

Again. Classic mistake. Handmade or bought from the market, they are as useless as useless can get. We can’t take it home, we won’t probably read what’s written in there the first time, let alone later, then what’s the point? Our chromosome structure doesn’t allow us to like cards!

4) Clothes

Your guy may dress up parrot-green glazing, shiny shirts but it’s a bit of stretch to tell him what he needs to wear. As guys, we decide what we look ridiculous in. Do we ever let girls decide which cars we should be seen in? Likewise.

5) Gadgets

We look like we know all about our gadgets, but frankly, we have no idea. We buy it and we regret it moments later. Then we get furious, break the gadget and curse the mind that bought it. Do you really want that to come on you? I don’t think so. Be better off, get a gift card. Let us make our mistakes ourselves.

Durjoy Datta is the author of six bestsellers and has sold over a million copies over the last four years. When he is not doing that, he struggles to make a living as an entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Grapevine India Publishers.
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