How to Look Ladylike (Just Like Grace Kelly)

Sue Castellino
Grace Kelly

In my opinion, the ultimate icon of ladylike fashion is Princess Grace Kelly. Her classic elegant style has inspired generations of women. Even today, as we see a rise in the ladylike trend, we’re still trying to ape Princess Grace. Looking at her pictures, I’ve seen a few pieces you must have to achieve her style. 

The boat neck

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra

This style of neckline is very iconic Grace, or maybe it’s what I associate with her due to the stunning dress (above) she wore in the movie High Society with Frank Sinatra. For those who have narrow shoulders, this neckline immediately makes you look broader, but make sure you keep your back straight. You’ll never see Grace hunched over.

Lace Dresses

Grace Kelly

Everybody who witnessed her royal wedding remembers that stunning lace wedding dress. Even the recent addition to royalty, Kate Middleton, opted for a lace version similar to Grace’s. The big tip here is to choose lace in pastel or the palest of colours so that it soothes and compliments to your skin tone. Grace is almost never seen in dark hues; so while black dresses are the in-thing right now, stay away from them.

The Purse and Court Shoe

Grace Kelly

Minimal to the core with her accessories, Grace carried very utilitarian handbags and shoes. She always wore a court shoe in black with the slightest heel. Her handbags are now ever famous, especially the Kelly, one bag that we all want! These types of bags and shoes are easily available at department stores, just try and find one that you feel you can carry off with sophistication.

The A Line

Grace Kelly

The A line silhouette is an absolute must when trying to dress like Grace Kelly. I’ve seen a few A line dresses and skirts at your usual high street brands; however, our Indian tailors are quite capable to doing a perfectly good A line skirt or princes cut A line dress. So try showing and explaining what you want to your local tailor. Remember to also do the Tea length – as you can see from some of the pictures above, she loved to show off her ankles.

The Perfect Crop Cut

Grace Kelly

Grace never had a bad hair day, her haircut was always perfect and not a strand out of place. We’ve never seen her with long hair let loose, it was all ways in an up do or cropped just at the nape which kept her looking contemporary and chic. If you don’t want to get a short crop, try getting that subtle wave and bounce in your hair that was so reminiscent of the 40s.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to capture some of Grace Kelly’s grace. A final word of caution though: something I can’t teach you is Grace’s innate sense of poise – that’s something you have to acquire yourself :)

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