Vodafone India’s BlackBerry Boys

Bloody hell, looks like Vodafone India will not rest easy until it has has

got all & sundry (!!!) on board

wooed you completely. Hot on the heels of the return of pug, it has summoned another one of its popular campaigns, the “BlackBerry Boys”. A year and half’s hiatus, it appears, has made the boys droller!

Conceptualised and produced by Vodafone India’s usual vendors, Ogilvy & Mather India and Nirvana Films respectively, this 120-second TVC has the five “BlackBerry Boys” in a spot of jingle like last time. But they’re in a not-too-chirpy mode as they can no longer claim exclusivity over the BlackBerry. And with the launch of Vodafone’s brand new Rs 5 per day or Rs 129 per month BlackBerry Messenger plan their “coolness” will be further dented. The reason being…? A younger, hipper crowd will be drawn in to BlackBerry by this reasonable (?) price plan! Tickles your funny bone, no? Keep those bril ads coming, guys… 😉