Want to Meet Agent Vinod? Eat a Burger!

Rashmi Daryanani
Saif Ali Khan

Eat a burger and meet Saif Ali Khan? Win-win situation if I ever saw one. ;) So McDonalds now has Agent Vinod McSpicy meals; so if you’re thinking of getting a burger, try to get this meal because you can win a chance to meet Saif, as well as score movie merchandise.

Tanaaz Bhatia and Saif Ali Khan

Tanaaz Bhatia, managing director, Bottomline Media (agency which brought together the brands): “It is exciting to have a meal named after a movie. I’m very ecstatic about the association and can’t wait for it to be available in the stores.”

It’s available in stores now at all McDonalds locations across North and East India, so fans of Saif and those looking forward to the movie – you know what’s for lunch! ;)

Saif Ali Khan
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