Udaan - Music Doesn't Need Sight When It Has a Vision.

Ranjit Rodricks , 25 Mar 2012
Udaan - the all blind band
Udaan – the all blind band

Next Wednesday night in Mumbai (March 28th) will see a spectacular charity musical concert by Udaan, a band consisting of  artists who are visually impaired and have other physical disabilities.

It will be held at St. Andrew’s auditorium in Bandra West, Mumbai, from 8 pm onwards. They have about 600 tickets and tickets are priced at 300rs, 400rs and 500rs.

Says Marzy Parakh, Founder of the Faith Foundation which is organizing the event, “Our prime objective is to create awareness about the band and help them to raise funds for their cause since all proceeds from the ticket sale go directly and entirely to the band for their cause of helping the visually impaired.”

The Faith Foundation aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurship opportunities to people with physical disabilities (mainly the visually impaired).

Band members of Udaan
Band members of Udaan

ABOUT UDAAN: Formed in 2005, Udaan isn’t just any band. It is a “special” entity in more ways than one. Initially composed of two immensely gifted visually impaired youngsters – Keval Liladhar Haria and Deepak Govind Bedsa – Udaan was the culmination of their fervent dream to reach out to people through their music. They may not have the gift of sight, but it was their endeavor to open the eyes of their listeners to a greater reality and show them what can actually be achieved and created through their application and ability.

Today, the band is composed of 10 members – proficient singers, percussionists, pianists, guitarists and sitar players. Their versatile repertoire includes Folk, Classical, Western and Bollywood music. By performing at various events, the Udaan band not only share their talent and make a living through their music, but inspire all those who have witnessed their performances to believe in their ‘ability’.

The performance at St. Andrew’s Auditorium will witness participation from 35 physically disabled /challenged artists; inclusive of those who aren’t blind as well.

 Call Marzy Parakh on 9820162307 for tickets. 

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