Expat Unplugged: Polo and Pinot Grigio, Oh My!

Andrea , 28 Mar 2012
Andrea Brown

This past Saturday, we spent the day soaking up the sun at the Yes Bank International Polo Cup match between India ARC and Argentina hosted by Dr. Rana Kapoor. Polo games two weekends in a row? My boyfriend’s dream! Argentinean wine and eye candy… I mean polo players? A girl just cannot complain!

Sula Wine

While I was busy chatting away with my lovely ladies over a beautiful glass of Trapiche Sauvignon Blanc courtesy of Sula Vineyards, I tried my best to learn a bit about the game of polo. A few interesting facts about polo were that the field is the largest field in organized sports, the one and a half hour game is dived into seven minute chukkers and that players must change horses after each chukker. Left-handed players, such a MissMalini if she so decided, are said to be less accurate hitters as the mallet may only be held in the right hand. They are however known to guide their ponies better than their right-handed peers.

Tim and Cecillia

All these rules made me a bit thirsty, so I followed the rose petals back to the Sula Vineyards table to learn a bit more about the Mendoza region wines from Cecilia Oldne. I fell in love with the Astica Torrontes, my new favourite polo wine, while the Pinot Grigio failed to tickle my taste-buds.

Andrea, Devika, Cecillia, Skye

After my tasting sessions, I was sent off with a to-go carrier full of ice, wine and rose to enjoy the game and take a few fun photos with my ladies in red, which seemed to be the colour of the day. Looking forward to another super Sunday with Sula and the polo soon!

Andrea and the gentlemen

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