Mad Men's Return to Television With 'Zou Bisou Bisou'

Serena Vora , 28 Mar 2012
Jessica Paré on Mad Men.

Mad Men is finally back on air, and ever since I watched the premiere of Season 5 the song Zou Bisou Bisou has been stuck in my head.
Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Megan Draper (yes, they got married!) played by Jessica Paré sings the song Zou Bisou Bisou at Don Draper’s surprise 40th birthday party and it’s become an overnight rage. The song is already available to download on iTunes and critics have been raving about Pare’s interpretation.

The origins of the catchy tune go back to the 1960s where the song was originally sung by the then 16 year old Gillian Hills. Pleasantly surprised, Hills had no idea the song was being used in the show and would gain popularity like this years after its release. An English version of the song was recorded by Sophia Loren for the film The Millionairess.

P.S. How adorable are Don Draper’s expressions during the song, I’m so happy the show is back on air!

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