Shaan Bhavnani is one of the first people I met in Mumbai and till date is one of my favorite. (He kicked my a** in pool at the Ghetto and we’ve been friends ever since!) We throw epic parties together and he always brings the beat. He’s agreed to share some of his musical insight and top tunes as a guest blogger so if you’re having trouble programming your party, it’s fatbat to the rescue! 🙂 xoxo

Dj Fatbat a.k.a Shaan Bhavnani
Dj Fatbat a.k.a Shaan Bhavnani

Question, have you ever really listened to each and every style / genre of music there is? Or are you a just a hardcore Hip-Hop or House fan?

As a DJ, everyone asks me what I listen to when I’m not performing at AER and always expects me to reply with “Jay Z, J Lo, David Guetta and PITBULL!”  Truth be told… I don’t listen to any of that unless I am performing or auditioning those tracks before I play them out loud. Love the music but it ain’t what I want to listen to when I’m driving, hanging with friends or at the gym (whenever that ever happens).

Different styles of music appeal differently to each one of us. Some of us prefer Hip Hop and RnB while running on a treadmill, others prefer Club and House using the pace of the song to drive them an extra km. It’s easy to pick music you want to exercise or dance to, but it’s probably not easy to pick the perfect track to listen to, en route to the club OR when your headed home after a crazy Saturday night! (Or even the first track the next morning.)

So my challenge to you is, this summer try and listen to a few different styles and see whether your drive time listening to chill music keeps you happier or if smooth music at the gym pushes you further. Share your selection with us too, I’d love to hear it! Till then here are my suggestions, but you can always listen to more of my music at AER or get our AER CD.

My Recommendations: Wake up to…

Drive Time Listening

De-stress at work

*Featured on AER Winter 2011 CD Compiled by DJfatbat (in stores now).

After Work Re-Energize

*Featured on AER Winter 2011 CD Compiled by DJfatbat (in stores now).

Gym Time

Headed out to party

Last Song for the night