Makeovers: Blown Away by b:blunt's Blow-Out Bar! (See the Before and After)

Rashmi Daryanani , 31 Mar 2012
Rashmi Daryanani and Amruta Khatavkar

What’s a blow-out bar, you ask? Amruta Khatavkar and I posed the same question to Osh Bhabani, who told us it’s basically a one-stop shop for getting ready for a night out – blow-dry, makeup, the works. b:blunt recently popped up one such bl0w-out bar at the R-City Mall in Ghatkopar just for the day, where they gave lucky shoppers complimentary makeovers. Amruta and I visited them and came back with all the details for you – along with some beauty tips just in time for the summer! Above are our ‘before’ pictures – want to know what we looked like afterwards? ;)

Rashmi Daryanani and Amruta Khatavkar

Now, Amruta and I have very different hair types. I have curly hair that can get frizzy and unmanageable if I don’t take care of it. She, on the other hand, has straight hair that she thinks is limp and lacking in volume. So of course we went for opposite styles – I wanted a straight blowout and she wanted curls, because she’s never gotten them in her hair before. Clearly, the grass is always greener on the other side!

Rashmi Daryanani getting a blow-out

The main advice our stylist Vanessa gave me was to embrace my curls! I don’t have time to blow-dry my hair everyday (not to mention, that much heat just isn’t good), so I need to rock the curls more often. She suggested washing, combing my hair lightly when it’s wet so as to get out knots, and then scrunching while applying a leave-in conditioner. Combing my hair while it’s wet is important, because you shouldn’t comb it after it’s dried – it’ll loosen out the curls and turn them into frizz instead.

Amruta Khatavkar getting sexy waves

For Amruta’s hair, Vanessa wanted to go with what they call “sexy waves” – giving her volume and softer curls, rather than hard, crunchy curls. That’s why she shook out Amruta’s hair after each section was curled; this loosened them up and gave her softer, more natural curls. Then all she had to do was blow-dry the bangs, and Amruta’s hair was set!

Rashmi Daryanani, Amruta Khatavkar, Adhuna Akhtar

We also met the lovely and charming Adhuna Akhtar, who gave us some tips for the summer (her main tip – chop it off!) She even laughingly told us that her daughter, who’s twelve, keeps asking her if she can get her hair coloured – and Adhuna has to keep telling her, “Maybe when you get a little older!” :)

Osh Bhabani and the lucky winner

One lucky girl even won a haircut by Osh Bhabani, which made Amruta and I highly jealous! Osh was really nice as well, and told us a little more about the blow-out bars and what they’re all about.

Before & After

So, do you like our new styles? I know Amruta and I had a ball; it’s not everyday you get an awesome makeover! Huge thank you to our stylist Vanessa and make-up artist Christina, you guys are the reason we got tons of compliments that day! :)

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