Hollywood Scoop: Steven Spielberg Casts Kim Kardashian in Next Film!

Serena Vora , 01 Apr 2012
Kim Kardashian & Steven Spielberg - The Next Hollywood Power Duo?
Kim Kardashian & Steven Spielberg – The Next Hollywood Power Duo?

I know what you’re thinking – who, what, where, when and HOW? It’s true, Steven Speilberg is taking it upon himself to help with Kim Kardashian’s movie career.

It seems the two spoke at a recent party in Hollywood and Spileberg was impressed by Kardashian’s passion for acting and interest in learning as much as she can to further her new-found passion. After a long discussion Spielberg set up a meeting with Kardashian and decided to give her a chance in one of his upcoming films. There’s been no confirmation on which film Spielberg has signed the reality star to as he’s currently busy with his upcoming releases Lincoln & Robopocalypse . Kardashian has busy been making appearances on TV shows but will be seen in Tyler Perry’s film The Marriage Counselor, which releases later this year.  

Spielberg has been responsible for giving breaks to many successful actors including Drew Barrymore, Ralph Fiennes, Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Adams & others in the past; but do you think he can turn Kardashian into an Oscar-eligible actress?

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