"Coz I'm Black B*&#*!" - Guess Who Said It?

Sue Castellino , 02 Apr 2012

That’s right, she said it (in a caption on her Instagram account.) Who could it be? If you hadn’t guessed it…

It’s badgalririRihanna. But she’s not talking skin tone, she’s actually referring to her new hair colour. Yesterday on her Instagram account (I want one too, but  I don’t have an iPhone!) Rihanna showed us her new do. It’s shaved on one side and long and darkly gorgeous on the other! Glad she’s gone back to black, because those dark roots on that blonde hair was soo SKANKY! Now with this new hair change, do you think we’ll start to see a new wardrobe too? (I’m hopeful!)

Rihanna's new do
Rihanna’s new do

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