EXCLUSIVE: 10 Minutes with Purab Kohli!

EXCLUSIVE: 10 Minutes with Purab Kohli!

Rashmi Daryanani
Purab Kohli

We scored 10 minutes with the very cute Purab Kohli, star of Kuch Spice to Make it Meetha, the twenty-minute short film that was released via YouTube. He certainly does add a dose of spice with his meetha, so read on to see what’s next for him, the actresses he’d love to work with, his Bollywood idols, and more!

Purab Kohli

Team MM: Hi Purab! We loved your latest Kuch Spice to Make it Meetha. What’s next for you?
Purab: Ya, that was a real spin ball. Hats off the Adeeb Rais, he really pulled this off. Next Should be ‘Jal‘ – the first feelers from the film are fascinating, can’t wait to start dubbing it.

Team MM: Who’s your Bollywood idol?
Purab: Not one person, I think I like and admire qualities of a few people. Salman Khan‘s connection with the pulse of the masses, Shahrukh Khan‘s charisma, Aamir Khan’s determination and belief in himself, Farhan‘s dedication and hard work, Akshay Kumar‘s fittness levels, Naseer Saab’s quality of performances…. I can go on and on.

Team MM: What are the latest films you’ve seen – Bollywood and Hollywood? Would you recommend them?
Purab: I’ve missed so many movies right from December. I can’t even remember the last film I watched. I hate seeing films on the small screen. So if I miss the release in theatres then I don’t see them for very long. Oh yes, I just re-visited Hotel Rawanda and My Brother Nikhil on a friend’s projector that they put up by their swimming pool. I would definitely recommend the films and the experience.

Team MM: Is there one actress you’d kill to work with?
Purab: I don’t think I would kill to work with anyone, but I know I would surely enjoy romancing Scarlett Johansson there and Anushka Sharma here.

Scarlett Johansson and Anushka Sharma

Team MM: Tell us a little bit more about your Bollywood experience – what’s been the most memorable moment till date?
Purab: Wow I just had many flashes, but I think the ones that would top the list have to be the premieres of ‘My Brother Nikhil’ and ‘Rock On!!‘. My performance has thankfully been appreciated in every film I’ve done, but when the film is appreciated in tow then that’s a very addictive high.

Team MM: How do your VJ skills help in making movies? Does it help with improvising?
Purab: Well I think theatre would be a better help on the improv front. For me, having hosted so many shows has made me good friends with the camera. So acting for it is fun.

Team MM: What if you weren’t an actor – what would you be doing?
Purab: Production, direction or something to do on a shooting set. I started working very young and have grown up here. I love being on a set. Its like home.

Team MM: Describe yourself in 3 words.
Purab: I am Purab. Ha ha. Then ill add a hyperlink to Purab which would direct you to a website that would give a decent character sketch. Come on, nobody is so boring as to be described in 3 words.

Team MM: Describe MissMalini in 3 words! :)
Purab: Ha ha ha. MissMalini.com There you go, two words and a period.

Team MM:What are 3 things you just can’t live without?
Purab: Good food, the beach and an occasional trip up to the mountains.

Purab Kohli

Team MM: If one Bollywood actor had to star in a movie about you, who would it be?
Purab: I think I’m young enough to play myself.

Team MM: Who is the one person in Bollywood you would love to go on a coffee/lunch date with?
Purab: Priyanka Chopra, dunno if that qualifies as cheating on Deepika. Ha ha.

Team MM: Finally, let us in on a secret. What’s one thing no one would guess about you?
Purab: Its not really a secret, but people seem surprised when I say one fourth of me is thoroughbred Kanadekar blood (my maternal grandfather.)