Top 10 TV Shows Set in New York

Serena Vora , 05 Apr 2012
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I LOVE New York. From Central Park to Broadway and Soho to the Brooklyn Bridge – NYC is my happy place and I look forward to living and working there one day. Given my obsession with NY I had share a list of top 10 TV shows (in no particular order) that were set in the big apple!


1. Friends

If Friends didn’t take place in NYC, Joey wouldn’t have had the chance to experiment on Broadway, Ross wouldn’t be a professor at NYU & Phoebe wouldn’t be a bad-ass New Yorker.

The Cosby Show

2. The Cosby Show

The Cosby Show was my first TV addiction at the age of 2. I’ve been told I would stop doing everything when the show aired and had to watch every minute of Bill Cosby’s classic family sitcom. Their perfect brownstone in Brooklyn is an icon in itself.


3. Seinfeld

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld and plan on visiting NY in the future, I’m sure you’ll be eager to find all the spots in the city where your favorite characters used to hang out. I remember being extremely upset when the Soup Nazi was shut for renovation on one of my visits.

Sex and the CIty

4. Sex and the City

If you’re a single girl, the best place to live in the world is NYC – at least that’s what I learned from SATC.

Will & Grace

5. Will & Grace

A gay lawyer who lives with his interior designer best friend and who’s other best friend has dreams of Broadway and finding a rich man to take care of him – can it get more NY? Yes, add in a drunk socialite with a loyal yet illegal immigrant maid and there’s no question.

Gossip Girl

6. Gossip Girl

Back in the day we were all obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 but now we have the girls from the Upper East Side to entertain us with their drama.

30 Rock

8. 30 Rock

The title of the show which stands for 30 Rockefeller Plaza (also the headquarters for NBC) automatically implies it had to take place in NY. Who doesn’t recognize the beautiful Christmas Tree which stands at the front of Rockefeller center every year?

Mad Men

9. Mad Men

It’s the 1960s and men in advertising wear slick suits. Enough said.

Saturday Night Live

10. Saturday Night Live

For 37 years it’s been the same opening line – ‘Live from New York, its Saturday Night!’

P.S.: For fun I had to add this song, makes me feel like a New Yorker every time I hear it. Also, there are lots of other shows that are based in NYC these are just a few :)

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