Durjoy Datta – MAKE HER LOVE YOU MORE: 10 Reasons Why She Will Brag About You to Her Friends!

Durjoy Datta – MAKE HER LOVE YOU MORE: 10 Reasons Why She Will Brag About You to Her Friends!

Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta

Guys! It is time you realized that it is not “gay” to make your girl feel special. You know she loves you, right? And you love her back. But why do you still find her cribbing sometimes, about things you did not even realize you were doing wrong? That’s because it’s those small, seemingly insignificant gestures that make all the difference. It’s not too much of an effort, and if you get it right, she’ll find no reason to not love you totally and completely!

Here are a few cheat tips:

1. Don’t text on a date. BBM can wait. You are supposed to look at her. Why else do you think she got all dolled up? Stare at her. Make her blush.

2. Don’t mention PMS-ing, ever. There’s nothing more irritating to a girl than, “someone’s on her periods.” Seriously.

3. Your ex is a bad person. Always. Never make the mistake of comparing your girl with one of your exes, especially when the ex is better in the given context.

4. When she frets about stupid things, she does not want your, “Chill. It’s no big deal.” Listen to her, hold her, and let her know that you are there with her.

5. She cares about what her friends think about you. Make a good impression. Also, you’re not allowed to be extra friendly with her girlfriends.

6. If you have got time, leave her a sweet text message. Or better yet, give her that short thinking-about-you phone call. She’ll be taken.

7. Don’t always walk ahead of her. She doesn’t always feel like jogging after you to catch up. Getting the doors for her might not be such a bad idea either.

8. She’s NOT fat, NOT too skinny either. Yes, you are a gym freak and know all about body types, but don’t treat hers as an object. It’s a person. It’s your girl.

9. She is extra sensitive when it comes to you. She ONLY cares about your opinion, no one else’s. Your reaction can either make her love you or hate you. It’ll always be extreme.

10. Don’t take her for granted. Cherish what you have, and make her feel loved. Or one day, you’ll look back and realize what you have lost. It won’t be a good feeling.

Durjoy Datta is the author of six bestsellers and has sold over a million copies over the last four years. When he is not doing that, he struggles to make a living as an entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Grapevine India Publishers.
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