Bollywood vs IPL

There was a time when producers used to avoid releasing their films during the IPL, for fear of a lower turn-out since people would prefer staying at home to watch the match. However, Sajid Khan went ahead and released Housefull 2 during the IPL and the film really hit a sixer at the box office, becoming the second highest opener of 2012 behind Agneepath. What does this mean for the IPL?
Is the IPL losing its steam? Personally, I’ve only caught parts of some matches; somehow, the IPL has lost its charm for me, and I feel like that’s the same for many people – I can’t sense the IPL fever like before. I think we’re suffering from a bit of a cricket burnout and the IPL is becoming just another one of those ‘things’ that happen during the summer. It no longer has the power to keep us at home glued to our television screens, which will make Bollywood film producers happy, for sure.

So what’s your pick this summer – IPL or the movies? Unfortunately, very few producers are willing to take the risk Sajid Khan has, so we’re mostly seeing smaller films releasing, save for a few.