Shah Rukh Khan in Legal Trouble

Rashmi Daryanani , 11 Apr 2012
Shah Rukh Khan

What’s up with these Khans and their legal troubles? Now it seems that Shah Rukh Khan has landed himself in a spot of trouble with the Jaipur Cricket Academy.
Anand Singh Rahtore, the director of the Jaipur Cricket Academy, moved to court seeking action against Shah Rukh for publicly smoking during the IPL match in Jaipur on Sunday. Rathore also pointed fingers at the police and administration for allowing SRK to enter with cigarettes; usually, cigarettes, lighters, matches and even water bottles are seized before a person is allowed to enter the stadium.

Shah Rukh Khan during the IPL match

Rathore claims he has submitted enough evidence against Shah Rukh – there are pictures and videos to prove that he was smoking in public, and it was even broadcasted live. The next hearing is scheduled for April 12th, so I guess we’ll see what happens from there.

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