Guess Which Iconic Designer Jessica Simpson Has Blatantly Ripped-Off?

Ranjit Rodricks , 12 Apr 2012
Christian Louboutin and Jessica Simpson (with the heels designed by them)
Jessica Simpson and the iconic designer she ripped off (with the heels designed by them)

They say imitation is the best form of flattery and Singer Jessica Simpson has taken that old adage a bit too seriously!

The blonde singer has blatently knocked-off a Christian Louboutin design and is peddling it under her name for as little as $98. The star calls her pair of pink and yellow criss-cross footwear, Evangela Heels while Louboutin’s is known as Staratata Heels and retail at ten times the amount for $995.

One look at both the pairs together and you notice that the ONLY difference is that Louboutin has the patented red sole! But right from the pink and yellow straps to the lilac-purple buckle, you really can’t differentiate one from the other!

Tch! Tch! Jessica! One would expect more than just an outright copy from you!

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