"My Name is Shah Rukh and I'm Not Just a Goat"

Rashmi Daryanani , 12 Apr 2012
Anshuman Jha

For the Anshuman Jha-starrer Bakra, artist Mallika Chabba did an exclusive painting called The Divine Goat. Of course, Anshuman being the goofball that he is, he gave the painting a hilarious caption – My Name is Shah Rukh and I’m Not Just a Goat. Want to see the painting?

Anshuman says: “I think Mallika has made the goat look Divine. It’s very sweet of her to have done an exclusive painting for the film. I saw the painting in her studio at Bandra and I couldn’t help but come up with a tagline on looking at it – “My name is Shah Rukh and I’m not just a goat” since the goat’s name in the film is Shah Rukh and it’s got divine powers. I’m a huge SRK admirer and I do believe he has divine powers, rightfully Janaki has named the goat, who is the hero of our film.”
My Name is Shah Rukh and I'm Not Just a Goat

We love the painting, love the goat’s name, and even more so love Anshuman’s caption!

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