Why is Shah Rukh Khan Showering Katrina Kaif with Gifts?

Rashmi Daryanani , 12 Apr 2012
Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan

Is it just his famous generosity at work again, or is there a reason Shah Rukh Khan has been showering Katrina Kaif with a ton of gifts lately? Stuff like designer jackets, a gym bag and… his very own bodyguards! The two were shooting in London while the weather was freezing, so SRK sent out his staff to buy Katrina enough jackets to keep her warm. Then, some days later, he sent her a gym bag with a note wishing her a good workout – all because he heard she was looking for that particular bag. And finally, after Katrina was mobbed by fans in London, SRK ensured his bodyguards were around to protect Kat whenever she needed it . Oh, Shah Rukh… that’s very generous of you, but don’t you know Katrina has a very competent Bodyguard of her own?


Now we wouldn’t want to take his place, would we? Just ask Vivek Oberoi the consequences of that!

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