Picture a Cube...

MissMalini , 13 Apr 2012
photo courtesy | creativepro.com
photo courtesy | creativepro.com

Ok, so we did this personality test at the Team MissMalini lunch today and it was super fun! All you have to do is read on and post your answers in the comment below, I’ll tell you what it means tomorrow (well, unless you Google it first, *lol*)

The Test

Picture a cube, any size any color or texture.
Now picture a ladder.
Where is the ladder in relation to the cube?
What is it made of?
Now picture a horse.
What does the horse look like?
How do you feel about the horse?
Now imagine a storm comes.
Is it a big storm or a small storm?
Is it passing by or staying?
What happens to the cube, ladder and horse in the storm?

Post all your answers in the comments below and see what everyone else says! It’ll be fun – I promise! xoxo

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