Top 10 Things to Expect at Bappa Lahiri's Wedding

Rashmi Daryanani , 13 Apr 2012
Bappa Lahiri and Bappi Lahiri

Wednesday night, I’ll be attending Bappa Lahiri‘s (Bappi Lahiri‘s son’s) wedding reception. As you can imagine, I can’t wait to see what that’s like – so much so, that I’m spending most of my time thinking of what to expect. On my list so far is:

1. Gold.
Bappi Lahiri

I mean, obviously. It’s a wedding so there should be jewellery abound anyhow, but this is Bappi Lahiri’s son’s wedding we’re talking about. There’s gonna be so much gold your eyes are gonna pop. I just have to say, that is one lucky bride; I just hope she can hold herself up under the weight of all that bling!

2. Bling.

Jewellery aside, I’m sure the Lahiri family won’t pass up an opportunity to go all out with the decorations as well. I’m thinking gold thrones for the happy couple, golden cutlery, shiny golden disco balls, the golden works.

3. Sunglasses.

Well, with all that gold and bling, it’s going to be brighter than day in there. I certainly wouldn’t judge any guest who decided to wear his or her sunglasses indoors; in fact, I’d recommend it.

4. Wacky outfits.
Bappi Lahiri

Just imagine if the guests take inspiration from Bappi’s fashion sense – it’d keep our fashion blogger Sue Castellino busy for weeks.

5. An open bar serving only Gold Label.
Gold Label

It ain’t a wedding if people don’t get drunk. And if you’re gonna get drunk at a Lahiri family wedding, well… you know the drink of choice.

6. An appropriate dessert counter.

The dessert counter is probably the second most-visited counter at a wedding after the bar, so I’m sure Bappi Lahiri will ensure the appropriate dessert is served – gold chocolate coins, anyone?

7. A bit of change in the wedding rituals.
Wedding rituals changed

I’m thinking the couple will exchange gold chains instead of the usual flower garlands. And maybe guests will get to throw sparkly gold confetti at the couple instead of plain rice?

8. Wedding cake.
Wedding cake

A wedding cake is obviously an integral part of any wedding, and should therefore match the theme of the wedding. And I don’t think I need to tell you what the theme of a Lahiri family wedding will be.

9. Return gifts.
Return gifts!

Oh, Bappi Lahiri, your guests are going to be extremely happy if you combine your jewellery taste with your generous spirit in doling out return gifts.

10. Old aunties and uncles dancing to ‘Ooh La La’
Bappi Lahiri Ooh La La'ing

So once that Gold Label kicks in, I bet Bappi will take the mic to belt out some Ooh La La. And I find that no one enjoys that song as much as old aunties and uncles do. Unfortunately, I’m speaking from experience here.

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