Desi Girl Traveller: Swiss Adventures, Part II: Geneva Auto Show + Skiing in Chamonix

Sanskruti Mehta , 14 Apr 2012
Sanskruti Mehta
Sanskruti Mehta

After a fabulous few days in Basel, my host Kathrin and I hopped into a car and drove down to Geneva, our former home city. The fun surprise for us was that it just so happened the Geneva Auto Show was IN town, and since the two of us speed-demons were IN town (see my previous post with the German Autobahns), wouldn’t it be fun to randomly end up there since we were all IN town at the same time?!?!I totally fell in love with BMW’s new hybrid car (yes, there is a big part of me that is a tree-loving hippie, so by that logic, I love this environmentally responsible, renewable energy, green concept, blah…blah…blah!). I don’t care what anyone says – being environmentally responsible is super SEXY!

I don’t care what anyone says – being environmentally responsible is super SEXY!
Dude… Can I recharge my car at your place? I just need to plug it in!
So there were the Porsches, the Lamborghinis, and Aston Martins, but that don’t impress me much. Tell me honestly…don’t you think I look smart in this SMART car? I swear my IQ just shot up 5 points sitting in this thing.

Evening came along, and I gathered all my friends for a fun dinner at my absolute favorite Italian restaurant in the city, Luigia, and off we went for a night out partying.  Of course, I am prone to making impromptu plans and jumping countries, cities, time-zones, whatever… on a whim… so carrying on with that tradition – my friends and I decided we wanted to wake up at 6am the next morning so that we can drive into France to visit the lovely Chamonix-Mont Blanc region (in the French Alps), and go skiing!  Did I mention how much I love my friends?!?!

The stunning views from up top – Mont Blanc. Can you see the city of Chamonix at the bottom?
The super FUN trails and ski-lift <3
Where we stopped for lunch! On top of the mountain!!
On the “bubble-lifts” down – a baby and a dog with us! Definitely my lucky day :-)

Now you see why I love Switzerland so much? C’est tout! :)

Sanskruti Mehta was born in Mumbai and is an avid traveller. She began her professional career at Donna Karan International, later moving to Dolce & Gabbana and Diane von Furstenberg in New York City. After living in Geneva to work in the Swiss luxury watch industry, she now resides in Mumbai.


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