You Drop, Microphon3 Check.

MissMalini , 14 Apr 2012
Tanmay Bahulekar aka @Microphon3
Tanmay Bahulekar aka @Microphon3

I’m in the video did you see? Yup! Last week we spent the day shooting for my buddy Microphon3’s awesome music video! Tanmay Bahulekar is by far, one of the most amazing people I know. Not only does he have a heart of solid gold and is brimming with talent he’s probably the best story teller I have ever met. This is probably why his music hits hard and hits home. While rap and free-styling take baby steps in Desi quarters, here’s an artist that isn’t afraid to get angry about it. Wanna read the lyrics?

Psst! I bet you’re wondering where that mad eerie hook is from in You Drop. It’s the Zee Horror Show theme music by the Ramsay Brothers! Tanmay says, “Hip Hop started through sampling, and I wanted to sample something Indian… Putting the Indian in Indian Rap.”

You Drop

They didn’t really look they didn’t really stop.

You drop names like bombs crashing through city lights on rainy days in metro heights, crowded pockets of people in places where people with empty pockets, know bling and shine on days of Diwali when a rocket, explodes and an eyeball is missing in the socket! Life is getting type-casted endangered species reads the docket, lock it! Get me another make a pair, where do we go with a question mark, suck out a gene in the pool in a modern day Noahs arc. So Stop.

You drop gangster talk like you really lived in a block where Talib grew up, Jiggaman sipped tea Immortal Technique chose his destiny where DMX barked don’t mess with me and you sucked on a ghetto dick, part of a clique with a desert eagle sticking out of the pantyhose of your ghetto chick, if in an insant you could swap your life with what you call your ghetto dream, you would be known as the comic of the ghetto scene that gets lost beyond sunset when the ghetto screams! So Stop.

You drop about how you rock the stage, so here comes a reality check. A college fest with 200 kids at best, some drunk most baked who shit their guts out in a mid term test raise you the devils horn, feel like a warrior at the end of the bong, you stand there a little elevated your drunk ass is a shame on  sound check, not paid a buck, you do it for a facebook mention, what the f*ck, if rap was on a sale your skills I would not even window shop, So Stop.

You drop loaded wallet rhymes, money talk in these money times. Don’t make it a habit  your paper wont f*ck like a rabbit and multiply like bunnies on an X pill, your fake money stories meets I am done? Echoes her ‘butistillwantsomemore’ sex drill, you don’t have a decent paying job forget about a money hill that you stand atop thinking you are an oppurtunity up for grabs, Mr. Minute Man if you were to sit down and have a drink with us you won’t have enough in your bank account to pick up the tab! So Stop.

You drop about tough times and the wrong side of the people you rubbed, you are a figment of your own imagination like Brad v/s Pitt go form your own Fight Club. Devious minds in our town don’t even listen to this music how can they be a part of your clan, they kill but jump to chicken tikka whiskey and dance moves that Shah Rukh can. This can never be a part of your plan, real talk cannot be a copy of the West, you should be happy to rap in the country you don’t need to yet take a bullet to your chest. SO STOP!


Microphon3 is one of the front runners of the Indian/Desi Hip-Hop scene. A poet for the past decade and a half, he also has the maximum songs on airplay. On the decks is Johnny B, who shook the Indian Hip-Hop scene back in the day as the front man for “Method”. Taking charge of the DJ duties, this producer is ready to hype the game up. The trio is completed by ex-PDV/Scribe/Chaos Theory drummer, Niraj Trivedi who switches the beat and the funk as he picks up the mallets again.

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