Breaking into Bollywood: Aashiqui 2 Star Hunt

Danny Sura , 15 Apr 2012
The next Rahul… ?

Hello peeps! The moment of truth is here. My audition video for “Aashiqui 2: Star Hunt”! Remember I mentioned in my last blog? Want to see the clip and perhaps rip it into shreds?

In with the new pair…

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been checking out the submissions here as and when they are being uploaded, and I must say it’s a good thing that I did. So many people have made the same common mistakes in their auditions! If I could spot them, then the seasoned folks over at Vishesh Films obviously would, even faster. It amazes me how little direction people were given at the time of their recording. Oh well…  Here are the things I picked up on and was mindful of, when I recorded my own:

  1. Look straight at the camera (unless directed otherwise);
  2. If you are raising your hands in front of your face, make sure your face isn’t covered by them;
  3. Try to remain in a centre position, don’t keep veering towards camera right or camera left. If you do, make sure you come back to the centre;
  4.  And most importantly, make the audition piece your own!
Danny Sura
Danny Sura

The last point, I felt, was a must to stand out in the crowd. I mean, in what others ways can you bring your own unique qualities as an actor to the fore? Everyone’s after all copying scenes from the same film! So I analysed the scenes that I selected, thought long and deep about the character to get where the character was coming from. I created an entire backstory! Just to be on the safe side, I *actually* asked the casting people at Vishesh Films if they wanted me to enact the scenes exactly as it was portrayed in Aashiqui or I could interpret it the way I see fit. And just like a blessing, they said to go for the latter…

Danny Sura
Danny Sura

Acting is an art I hope I will never master and a craft that I will keep on honing. Not to forget my newfound respect for all the talent show hopefuls. It takes immense guts to sign up for an audition knowing the whole world might be able to see, and will, maybe, mock you, heartlessly or not, once they’ve seen it.

Exactly what I did… Fingers crossed now

So, friends, here it is… For you to judge :-) Be as brutally honest as you can be with the feedback, the only way is up after them. And PLEASE, wish me luuuuck!!!

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